Day 1: Obstacles are Opportunities

Your first month of this season is underway and it would seem that there are more things to overcome than enjoy – making new friends, finding classes, creating a new routine, and finding snacks at midnight! Obstacles are everywhere and to be honest with you, they never go away. Obstacles are a part of daily life and the older we get the more complicated and weightier they become. But TAKE HEART! Do you remember that scripture? Think back to when Jesus was walking the earth. Obstacles never shook Him. In fact, in the beatitudes He tells us that as believers the obstacles we walk through are opportunities. They give us a chance to learn and receive something new from our good, good Father. So what’s your obstacle? What feels overwhelming? What feels like it is going to add some gray color to your life? Take a deep breath with your Father. Remember, He sees you and knows you best.


Read: Matthew 5:1-12 and John 16:33




  • What obstacles are you facing right now?



  • What opportunities do these obstacles present? What can God teach you and shower you with during this time?



  • Take a moment and ask God to open your eyes to the opportunities around you. Be sure to take a moment to listen to what He speaks to your heart and settle into those words with confidence. He may ask you to step out, so don’t be afraid.



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