Day 4: What is Happening

Things get weird when we walk outside of our pretty bubbles. Who would have thought that the structure of high school would protect us from so much?! It’s almost like walking into the twilight zone. And we find ourselves getting sucked in. What is happening?! How do I get out of this one?! We’ve gone places we never intended, spoke words we never thought we would, supported causes we once stood against, and lost friends we thought we would have for the rest of our lives! Again — what is happening?! The world is a crazy place and you’ve entered into a season of little protection. Adulting means creating your own protection. So whether the whirlwind has simply left you with a few bad grades and an absence or two or you’ve full fledged flung yourself into the world and feel like you can’t get out – TAKE HEART! You’re on the winning team. Look to your coach. Remember the boundaries you chose back in fpStudents? Who you chose to date? Who you chose to make your friend? What priorities you were going to keep? It’s never to late to recalibrate – and know you’re not alone. You can rebuild boundaries!!! Are you in a small group? Are you plugged into your local church? Take some time and take inventory. Ask the hard questions and do the hard work because it allows for us to enjoy the abundant life!


Read: Ephesians 6:11-18




  • What has the Lord equipped us with?


  • What boundaries have you wavered on that need some attention? What boundaries have remained in tact but need some updating now that you’re in this new season?


  • Who is helping to hold you accountable? If no one, ask God to send a friend or mentor into your life.


  • Ask God to help shift your eyes to where the battle really lies – in the heart. He will reveal what’s working great and what needs tending to. Allow the Lord to love on you and teach you in your time together.

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