Day 3: Can’t Drag Me Down

Everyone walks through a season when we feel overwhelmed and taken under. Sometimes it feels like there’s no more sunshine and that winning isn’t an option. When things seem like they are turning gray and you’re in a no win, take a moment. Stop. Remember this – Whose team are you on? Who is your coach? Who is your enemy? Where you come from matters! Whose son/daughter are you? You have a call and the devil (who hates you because of you whose you are) wants you to sit down and shut up. So it’s decision time. Make it now. Who will you serve? Who will you believe? When things get dark, where are you going to run? Your heavenly Father watches over you and is waiting to guide and teach you every step of the way. But we have to make the choice to pursue it! The enemy loses – every single time. Read the end of the Bible – spoiler alert – the devil tanks hard! God has not left you out there alone. He promises us that nothing can drag us down.


Read: 1 Peter 2:9, Isaiah 61:2-4, and Romans 8:38-39




  • What do these scriptures say about you?



  • What does Romans encourage us in?



  • What makes these things hard to believe?



  • Talk to the Father (your coach, creator, and savior) about your commitment to the faith. Tell Him why you have a hard time believing what He says and ask Him to heal your heart and change your thoughts.

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