Day 2: I’m My Own Boss

Adulthood is here!!! Go ahead, do the little dance you’ve been playing over and over in your head. The time has come where you’re running things. Finally, right?! But as things get rolling you may notice there are still so many more questions, responsibilities, and crazy out there than you had anticipated. Don’t chicken out! You’re equipped if you choose to adult in the right power. Your time in fpStudents has reminded you over and over of one certain fact – our talents, knowledge, and all the good deeds in the world don’t lead us to the abundant life. The only way we can experience “adulating” like a boss is to stay surrendered. Seems counterintuitive, but don’t most things of God? It’s never the way we would do it or plan it, but when we do things His way we always come out victorious. So… the temptation is creeping and whispering. Surrender is only for those who can’t handle this. I can hold it all. I’m ready. I’m the boss. Just remember the grace and goodness of God. He never asks us to do something that isn’t for our benefit.


Read: Matthew 6:33, John 10:10, and Galatians 2:20




  • What does the Word say about what our way of life should look like?



  • What new friends, experiences, thought processes or things have entered (or remained) in your life that threaten this way of life?



  • Ask God to give you His eyes for the abundant life. Tell Him what you long for and ask Him to help you pursue those dreams and desires in Him first. Settle into and obey whatever He speaks to your heart.

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