Movement Conference 2017


This was the best week of the summer and if you were there, you know how life changing it was.

The main thing that I want you to know is that Jesus doesn’t stay at UT. He doesn’t stay in your dorm. He doesn’t stay at World’s Fair or in the Amphitheater. Jesus doesn’t stay in those 4 days of July. Jesus is walking with you and talking to you, are you listening?

You don’t have to wait for another Fusion or for the next Movement, you can experience God in this moment, all you have to do is tell Him you’re here and you’re ready.

If you went to Movement, you got a 21 Day Prayer Guide. I promise you, if you use that booklet, if you actually apply the guide to your prayer time, you can and will experience God. Press in, don’t be afraid to ask Him questions and ask for direction.

  1. Open your Bible and read 2 Peter 3:18. Read each word and study the meaning of each word. Ask God what this means to your life. What does growing mean? How do you grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus? What does it mean to glorify Him right now? How do you keep glorifying Him forever?

We are called to have an everyday faith, not just a Sunday faith, or Wednesday faith, or a Movement faith.

2. What are some practical ways you can take the moments that you had at                               Movement, and turn them into a real movement in your own life?


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