13 Reasons Why NOT: Week 5

I am a perfectionist, no doubt. Everything that I do, I have to do it to the best of my ability. If there are any flaws, I get really upset. And if you can imagine that, you should see me when someone tells me I did something wrong. Being a perfectionist, I like to fix things all by myself. If I drop nail polish on the floor, you can bet that I am doing everything I can to clean it up so no one knows that I messed up.
  1. Have you ever tried to hide something from God? What was it?
We all mess up, and we mess up all the time. God knows we mess up because He created us with free will, which means we can choose what we want. We have the option to choose to surrender our mess ups to God, or we can choose to hide them (spoiler alert: God knows everything. Read Psalm 139:7)
If you have an iPhone and you’ve broken it, you know very well that you cannot fix it yourself. I’ve tried to fix my phone, and every single time I end up making it worse. I can’t fix my phone, partly because I’m not a very “techy” person, but mostly because I didn’t create my phone in the first place. I take it back to the place that it was created, Apple. When I’m broken or hurt, I can’t fix myself because I didn’t create myself in the first place.
  1. Think about the last bad season in your life. When was it, what happened, how did you get through it?
In our bad seasons, we have the option to hold onto the pain and deal with it ourselves OR we can let God handle it and rejoice when He works through it for us. The battle is already won, but we have to CHOOSE to believe it. Choosing is a hard thing, God created us with free will, all we have to do is to do what He says. That sounds super easy but requires you to dig deep into what He is telling you to do, figure out how He wants you to do it, and do it.
  1. What is God calling you to do? (It could be something simple like finishing Pastor’s book or it could be big like a future career in ministry).
Read Psalm 147:3 and Psalm 73:26.
We get so caught up in the visual religion of Christianity. We see the rules and try to “do good things” but without a real, personal relationship with God, you’ll never be able to hear what God wants you to do. You can’t hear God’s voice by being a good person but never letting Him take care of you when you mess up. God doesn’t want us to be perfectionists. God just wants our broken hearts.
Take this time to listen to the song Heart Like Heaven by Hillsong Worship. I want you to write out the lyrics and study them for a little but. Read the words, pray them out, focus on yourself and what God wants you to surrender to Him. Pray, let God’s grace fill you and heal you.

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