13 Reasons Why NOT: Week 4

Many times I have trusted a friend with a secret or told them about something that happened to me. Every single time one of two things happened. Either the person would tell someone else and they would tell someone and it would spread like wildfire. OR the person didn’t know what to say and it left me hurt because I was subconsciously searching for answers or acceptance.
  1. When have you trusted someone with a secret? What was the outcome of it?
Go back to where I said “I was subconsciously searching for answers or acceptance”. I want to explain that. When we tell someone something that is going on in our lives, we don’t know it, but we are looking for them so say something that either makes us feel better about the situation or makes us feel wanted by that person.
There’s only one person who can make us feel the way that we want to feel.
  1. Jesus walked the earth and went through a lot of the same situations, so why is it so hard to trust Him with your brokenness?
Read John 10:11-16
  1.  You probably know what a shepherd does, but google it anyway. List the characteristics of a shepherd.  What does it mean that Jesus is the good shepherd?
Our generation cares so much about how other people see us. We have Instagram and Snapchat so people can be in the know of what is happening in our lives. People are so obsessed with their lives look like that they don’t care too much about what your life looks like. Unfortunately, that means that when we put our brokenness on someone else, they are so consumed with their own brokenness that they can’t give us the peace we really desire. There is no one that walks on the earth that can heal you and make you better than you ever have been.
Here are 3 things you can do to give Jesus your brokenness:
  1. Ask God to show you where you are broken, what happened the make you hurt, and why it hurt so bad.
  2. Write it down. Start with the situation, why it hurt, and if there was a previous situation that made you feel the same way, and why that hurt.
  3. Hold you hands out in front of you, palms up. Look at your hands and imagine your brokenness in you palms, close your hands to a fist. Now you have total control of your brokenness. Pray and ask God to take your brokenness from you and heal you. Now God has total control of your brokenness. Flip your hands over and open them. Now you have let go of your brokenness and it is entirely in God’s hands.

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