13 Reasons Why NOT: Week 3

Last week, we talked about surrendering all of our brokenness to God. But why do you have brokenness, how does God heal it, and who is this Jesus dude?

We were all born broken because we were all born sinners. Read Romans 3:23. Paul told us that every person ever born was/is a sinner. Each and every one of us have brokenness in one way or another.

Except for Jesus. He is the human form of God. He is perfect, but went through a lot of bad situations where He could have sinned. When Jesus died on the cross, He paid for all of your brokenness AND the brokenness of every person to ever walk the earth.

That is really confusing but hang in there. Imagine walking into Starbucks and ordering a frappuccino but not paying for it. The baristas are not going to give you the frappe because you didn’t pay for it. Now replace the frappuccino in this story with Heaven and the barista with God. God isn’t going to let you have Heaven because you didn’t pay for it. That’s where Jesus comes in. Jesus paid for your eternity in Heaven, and in doing so, He paid for your brokenness.

  1. Why is it hard to trust that Jesus really paid for your brokenness?


Read John 11:25-26

Jesus tells us that we are going to die (on earth) but because He paid for all of the mistakes we made, we are still living (in Heaven). In the Message version of this passage, the last sentence is “Do you believe all of this?”. Jesus literally is asking us if we believe in Him.

  1. Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus paid for your eternity?


If you struggle with those questions, you’re not the only one. Something that I was told that helped me put Jesus into perspective was that I had the option to not let the pain on my brokenness determine the quality of my life. Being broken hurts, but we have a choice to let it ruin us or we can give it to Jesus, who already handled it, and let it go. Throughout the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) we see the life of Jesus. Jesus healed the people but He made a huge deal about their faith before He healed them. He always noted their strong faith BEFORE He healed them.

  1. What would Jesus say about your faith?



Jesus wants us to believe in Him, but He isn’t going to force Himself on you. All He wants is your broken heart. Jesus just wants you to choose Him to hold and heal your brokenness. He doesn’t want it when you feel broken or when you feel hurt, He wants you to be all-in, every single day. If you ate what you feel like eating when you feel like eating it, I know for myself that all of the denim in the world would not fit around my waist. I eat clean because I know that being healthy is an essential part of life and I want to be the very best version of myself that I can be. Jesus wants you to trust Him even when you think life couldn’t get better. We have to learn to CHOOSE Jesus even when it doesn’t make sense or it seems too hard or too easy.

  1. How do you, personally, plan to choose Jesus to hold your brokenness on a daily basis? (Maybe choose a time where you study the Bible and pray for a few minutes)




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