13 Reasons Why NOT: Week 2

Think of a window. Now, imagine throwing a rock at the window and a huge spiderweb style crack showing up on the window. You can’t fix the window by putting a Band-Aid over it so you have to get a whole new window.
When you’re broken, you can’t be fixed by putting a Band-Aid on your brokenness. You have to get a whole new heart.

  1. How do you get a new heart? Read Psalm 51:10.
We cannot make a new heart ourselves, only God can make us pure and clean. The issue is, we like to be independent and figure it out on our own. This means that we will have to recognize that we are broken.
  1. What was the last thing that truly hurt you?
The next thing that I am going to ask you to do is to take personal inventory, be warned that you need to dig deep inside yourself. Start with the last question. Why did it hurt so bad? Have you experienced feeling like that previously? What was that situation? Why did that hurt?
Basically what you’re doing is finding the root of your brokenness. If you have ever had the pleasure of picking weeds from your mom’s garden, you have probably heard her tell you that you have to “pick out the roots”. If you just pick off the leaves and leave the roots, the weed will grow back. That’s how are brokenness is. We have to not just recognize it, but we have to dig out the roots and begin the healing process. But then we’re left with the question, how do I heal?
It’s a hard question with a simple(ish) answer, surrender everything to God. Everything means EVERYTHING. Not just the good things, but the deep secrets and the hurtful situations. He’s all knowing and all loving.  Read Psalm 34:17-18. He is close and He wants to heal you. Sometimes, we hide our brokenness from God. He knows what’s up but He is w
aiting for you to come to Him. Surrendering to God is showing Him that you know He can heal every broken part of you and that He is bigger than anything this world can throw at you.
Spend some time talking to God. Let Him know about where you’re hurting and broken. Trust Him to heal it and trust Him to love you unconditionally. He is waiting to hear from you.

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