More Life: Week 1

It’s your first date with your “Soulmate”. You spend hours getting ready and make reservations at the coolest spot in town. You can’t stop thinking about him/her, and every thought you have about them makes you look forward to the next time you spend together. People often make time for what’s important, and in this case, it’s your date.

Did you know that your relationship with God can be as exciting and passionate as this? But if we are going to be honest with each other, it’s normally not. There’s no anticipation or desire to go all out for Jesus, because your relationship with Him isn’t a priority. You need to make time for what’s captured your heart’s attention…

Read Luke 11:42.

The Pharisees, in our times, would have been church going folks who followed the scriptures but lost God’s heart in the process. They tithed a tenth of their herbs because they were checking the “tithe monthly” box off, but failed to seek the intentions of God at the same time. The love of God and the priority we place on that relationship determines the blessings He gives us and the communion between you and Him.

1) Does God have your whole hearts attention? Is He the foundation of your life?

2) Have you become blind to God’s power and presence that you’ve started to offer Him second best and a lower spot on your priority list? Why or why not?

Read Haggai 1:9-11.

Let’s give a little backstory to this passage! The Jews were beginning to rebuild their lives and the temple after Cyrus the Great released them from being Persia’s captives.

But over time, their efforts moved more towards their homes and personal agendas than the house of God and their relationship with Him. Even after the mighty deliverance of God, they quickly became blinded to the fact that He is Lord and Ruler of All. Through their inaction, they neglected their relationship with God and the rebuilding of the temple.

God, through Haggai the prophet, explained to the Jewish people that He has withheld a good harvest and summoned a drought over this land. He did this because His chosen people were not keeping His house and relationship above everything else.

You choose how invested you want to be.

Neglecting your relationship with God causes Him to withhold blessings that were meant for you. He is a God who desires to bless and love, but he can not reward the unfaithful.

3) Is there something you need to sacrifice or do less of in order for God to bless you? Do you need to adjust your priorities so that God can lavishly love on you?

Bottom line: Where you put your time, money, thoughts, and effort is where you put your faith. Is it in the right spot?



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