March Madness: Week 5

  1. When you do something you are proud of, do you celebrate it? How do you celebrate?
You’re playing the championship game and you make the winning point. The crowd swarms you and raises you up on their shoulders to parade you through the school. Some of your friends ask you to go to a party with them but you see your parents waiting to celebrate you at a family dinner.
  1. Which one would you choose? (Be totally honest. Don’t put a “should do” answer but which one would you really do?)
Either way, you’re still celebrating the victory but how you choose to celebrate it makes the difference. You celebrate what you elevate. If basketball is high up on your priorities, you’re going to celebrate when you win.
  1. What happens if God gives you a victory? How do you celebrate that, or do you?
Celebrating isn’t just partying. Praise and worship is how we celebrate God. We all love receiving praise and He loves to be praised too. But it isn’t effective if we don’t mean it or know what we are thanking Him for.
Read Luke 15:3-7
When the shepherd realized that he had lost a sheep, he knew he had to go find it. He searched everywhere trying to find this one lost sheep. When he found it, the shepherd told all of his friends and neighbors to come celebrate with him. He was so overjoyed when he found that one sheep. That’s how God is when we run back to Him. He gets so excited and all He wants to do is celebrate with us.
  1. How can you celebrate with God?
Personally, I love celebrating with God through talking it out with Him. I also love to worship Him. When it is just me and God in a room, that is my favorite way to celebrate Him.
This week you need to learn how you like to celebrate with God. Try praying or worshiping in the car on the way to school. Try journaling about it like you’re writing a letter to God. But you can’t celebrate unless you know what you’re celebrating. Ask God to make it abundantly clear what He is doing and be on the look out for it.
FPStudents, we love you so much and we are praying for you! Have a great week partying with God!

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