March Madness: Week 3 (Student Takeover)

In every sport, there is a defense and an offense. Each team has to play both at some point. For example, in basketball, when the other team has the ball, we’re on defense but when we have the ball, we’re on offense. We play defense to protect our side and we play offense to score. We have to have both mindsets in our game, and the same goes for our walk with God. We have to know when to be on the defense and when to be on the offense.
  1. What does it mean to be offensive in your faith? Defensive?
The focus verse is Esther 4:13-16, but I want you to dig out the history of Esther. Follow the guided notes below. (Note: read and use chapters 1-6 of Esther to help you. If you really don’t know the answer, Google it)
    • Who wrote the book of Esther?
    • When was the book of Esther written?
    • Who was the king?
    • Why did Esther become queen?
    • What is a decree?
    • What decree did the king issue?
    • How did this effect Queen Esther?
    • What did she tell Malachi to tell the Jews to do?
    • Why was going in front of the king a big deal? (use some Google history)
    • How was Esther defensive?
    • How was Esther offensive?
Each one of these points is crucial to the offensive mindset of Esther. She took action for something that she didn’t agree with. She saw that the Jews were going to be killed and she had to protect her team. However, she couldn’t do that without asking God for direction. She couldn’t take action, or be offensive, without strengthening her faith, or her defense. We have to make sure that our defense is as strong as it can be so we can be bold an:d make effective offensive plays.
  1.  Read Matthew 18:20. What does it say about having more than one? How is that like being a team?
  1. Read Nehemiah 1:3-6.What happened to the Jews? What did Nehemiah do? Why is that being defensive?
FPStudents, we are praying for you to strengthen up your defense. You can do that by reading your Bible and praying. We are also praying for you to be bold and make offensive plays for the Kingdom of God. You can do that by talking to your friends about Jesus or simply living the life God created for you without fear. We are praying for revival in your hearts and in your schools. We love you!

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